Wersja polska kliknij tutaj

Peculiar climate of Amazonia provides conducive conditions to local fauna and flora making it unparalleled to any other region on earth. If you are ready to eat what the nature gives you, to try living in the world without electricity and phone calls, and if you don’t mind sleeping in hammocks or shacks built by yourself or having a bath in the river, certainly you should set out on a journey to Amazonia. In return, you will experience pristine nature, animals, reptiles, insects and plants of whose existence you have had no clue so far. You will learn what should be best avoided, how to use healing properties of plants and you will find out how a man lives away from the modernity and technology. Fortunately, I was not either alone, or dependent on my own. The guides whom I found on the Internet (amazonjungletours) got me acquainted with the life there. I can fully recommend their organization, competence and approach to the tourists. continue